State of the Union, Botnets and GDPR

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We will take a look back at the State of the Union and a look ahead at fighting botnets, as well as a tease of our dive into GDPR – all on this week’s NH-ISAC Hacking Healthcare:

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1. State of the Union – So we went 1-1 in SOTU predictions. There was definitely no focus on cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, or the digitization of different sectors. But the President also gave a very long speech. Let’s see if the tie can be broken with any follow-up from last year’s Executive Order over the next week or so as the White House looks to clear 2017 brush and focus in on election year priorities.

2. Cyber Priorities – Speaking of election year priorities, what are the Administration’s priorities this year in cyber policy? So far it is unclear, particularly when it comes to critical infrastructure protection. There has been some discussion that the Administration will focus on creating international agreements for data exchange.

3. Anti-Botnet Policy – Another priority for this year – which is a carry-over from last year, is a focus on combatting botnets and preventing their spread in the future.

Early in January, the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (part of Commerce) released a draft report on how to combat botnets. The comment period is now closing (February 12 is the last day to submit feedback).

4. WannaCry AfterAction – The British government has been evaluating NHS preparedness in response to the WannaCry attacks last spring. In conducting onsite reviews of the different NHS trusts, it found that none were at the “cyber essentials plus” standard set out as a goal by the government. This report came out of the UK government last October detailing the findings.

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