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192 medsecadmin Sponsor Bridging the Gap Between Hospitals and Manufacturers
191 vandrielma Member Merck How Policy Architecture Can Improve Cybersecurity
190 lalith Member test test test papers
189 others None vendor or product specific Why your machine learning sucks
188 jamesbaird Member American Cancer Society Reporting Metrics to the Board
186 lawrenceziii Member Boston Scientific Changing the Security Culture - Security Awareness Innovation (Escape the Room)
145 darci_hunt Sponsor Orangeworm: Corporate Espionage Targets Healthcare
141 jvlock Sponsor Putting Consumers First with Secure Digital Healthcare
138 juliaanomalicom Sponsor Collaboration as a Strategy for Improving Defensive Posture
137 mollygrace Sponsor The Role of Identity in the Cybersecurity Framework
136 stacymccloskey Sponsor How AI Automated and Augmented Privacy Monitoring Efforts at Johns Hopkins
135 jhodson Sponsor Asset Management – It’s No Longer Just a Spreadsheet but an Integrated Asset Management & NAC Issue
134 Member Pfizer Spending the Next Security Dollar
133 Member Pfizer Transforming to a Threat Driven Vulnerability Management Program
127 laurab Sponsor Out of Control: The Hidden Danger in Your Test & Development Environments
126 Sponsor Using Automation to Accelerate the SOC and Reduce Business Risk
125 jessica.haskin Sponsor Model Driven Security for Behavior Based Automated Control
124 Sponsor Protecting our Patient Data in the Era of Cloud and Mobile
123 Member Stryker Cyber Security Communications Plan
121 Member Guerilla Threat Intelligence: Practical Threat Intel for the SMB Health Care Providers
120 Member Intermountain Healthcare Managing Remote Access to Medical Devices
119 Member Intermountain Healthcare Medical Device Disposition Best Practices
118 michael.seeberger Member Boston Scientific Security Education for Medical Device Design Engineers
117 jking777 Member Eli Lilly and Company Cyber Incident Response - What every Organization MUST do to prepare
116 sortizzo Member Merck Cyber Resiliency - The Evolution of Merck's Cyber Fusion Center
115 chrreed Member Eli Lilly and Company Leveraging DevSecOps to Escape the Hamster Wheel of Never-ending Security Fail
114 Sponsor Preventing Mass Credentials Breaches with Decentralized Authentication and the FIDO Standard
113 s.murphy8886 Member Premera Blue Cross A HITRUST CSF Journey – Why, and how, did we do this?
111 Member Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Secure Cloud - How to be Safe in the Cloud Revelotion
110 root9b others root9B, LLC Fail Safe Design and Development of Cyber-Physical Systems
109 djschleen Member Aetna Reducing Enterprise Risk with DevSecOps
108 sirtimothy Member Eli Lilly Principle-Driven Security Architecture
106 corey.maypray Member Eli Lilly and Company Foundations of Intelligence Analysis
105 Member Eli Lilly myAccess - an IAG Journey
104 bwalker@prevalent Sponsor Key Vendor Risk Areas That Leave You Vulnerable
103 Member Intermountain Healthcare Building Cybersecurity into Healthcare Research Projects
102 dbecknel Member Horizon BCBSNJ Governance, Risk, and Operational Analytics using Splunk
100 karen.correa1 Member Merck & Co. Measuring risk and impact for controls optimization
99 cfarriu Member Eli Lilly & Company One Phish, Two Phish, Three, Four: A Progressive Approach to Phishing Education
98 rydenkim Sponsor Shut Down the #1 Cyberattack Vector
97 Sponsor Protecting Patient Health Information From Targeted Attacks
96 jeffchandler Sponsor A Shared Responsibility: Securing Medical Devices
95 allisonsafe others SAFE-BioPharma Association SAFE-BioPharma IAM Services Suite
94 netskope Sponsor Cloudy with a Chance of Medical Records: How UPMC Moved Sensitive Data to the Cloud
93 stephen.mitchell Member HealthNow New York Inc. Be a Hero with DMARC: Save Your Members, Providers and Partners from Internet Villains!
92 stephen.mitchell Member HealthNow New York Inc. Have Cloud Access Security Brokers Changed The Way We Handle Data?
91 jjones Member Change Healthcare Balancing Risk Management with Compliance
90 Sponsor Thinking Differently: Protecting Patients, Employees, and Business Associates
89 wmamilli Member Eli Lilly and Company Information Security Strategy and governance - learning from a new CISO journey
88 karen.correa1 Sponsor Moving Faster Than Human: Security Orchestration for Threat Detection and Response
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