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312 abarbir Member Aetna Next Gen Security Technologies for Healthcare Authentication
311 Sponsor Three Minutes Until the Apocalypse
310 kzavala Sponsor Ready to discuss approaches to incident response in the 4 industries of Public Sector?
309 vmurthy Sponsor Implementing Learnings from Medical Device Vulnerability Disclosures
308 lalith Sponsor this is test paper
307 bindusecurity Sponsor Demystifying Fileless Threats – the ‘next new thing’ in the cyber threat landscape
306 axel_wirth others AAMI Medical Device Cybersecurity for HTM Professionals: An Update on Resources and Practices
305 Sponsor Are You Prepared for the Next Third-Party Security Threat?
304 Sponsor 3 practical methods for building an integrated security platform – case study
303 bindusecurity Sponsor Pervasive Healthcare Data Protection Program
302 others Symantec Cyber Security – The Israeli Way
301 ChessaVir Sponsor Protecting our business and our patients in the cloud
300 skbohan Member Mayo Clinic Facing the Mountain of Legacy Medical Devices
298 vishum Member Aetna Transform Your Access Reviews for Improved Security
297 kgrimes Sponsor Transforming Your Customer Identity Environment
296 jessica.haskin Sponsor Super Bowl LII: Protecting Players’ and VIP Data
295 kpantaleon Sponsor The Evolution of Cyberattacks: Turning a Losing Battlefront into a Winning One
294 jonneyyxxnj Member Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield UEBA
291 cmcneese Sponsor Building a Foundation for a Successful Cyber Threat Intelligence Exchange
290 jgangl Member McKesson Don't Stand Alone in OT - Stand with your Digital Twin
289 sehelmick Member RiskRecon The Third-Party Playbook: Game-Changing Security Strategies for Managing Digital Supply Chains
288 Sponsor Transforming Security through Cloud -- How Health Partners Plans Gets It Done
287 millerk95 others Booz Allen Hamilton Detecting Cyber Threats in OT Environments
286 Member Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ Measure and priortize your defenses
285 millerk95 others Booz Allen Hamilton An Attacker’s Perspective
284 eakers Member Encompass Health Beyond HIPAA Compliance: How Information Management Can Help Safeguard Patient Data
283 jatencio Member Aetna Reducing Risk Landscape With CASB
282 smatton Sponsor Top Lessons Learned from 12 Months of IR Engagements - What You Should Be Doing Now
281 others Owl Cyber Defense Effective Network Segmentation for Meaningful Defense in Depth
280 akheath Member MUSC Health Legal and Cybersecurity Implications for the Use of AI in Patient Care
279 mkashif Sponsor Tracking a Hurricane: Using threat modeling to track adversary behavior during an incident
278 Sponsor Cyber and Privacy Risk Management GSISS Results
277 Sponsor HIPAA OCR Enforcement Panel
276 Sponsor Leadership and Partnership across the Business: The Evolving CISO Skillset
275 cchayata Sponsor The way we work has changed. Has your security?
274 sraman Member MERCK Adaptive Risk Management- Informed Risk Decisions based on Threat Intelligence
273 danelleau Sponsor ICON plc: Simulating the Adversary to Validate Controls
272 nteplow Sponsor Chronic Cyber Pain: How Sprawling Digital Footprints Enable Attacks Against Healthcare Organizations
271 mike nelson Sponsor End-to-End Authentication - Healthcare’s Weakest Link?
270 cfarriu Member Eli Lilly & Company Lilly Shield: Creating information security evangelists through the launch of an advocacy program
269 Sponsor Using Threat Intelligence to Enhance Cyber Resiliency
268 paridhisarna Sponsor A look at medical device security programs and the economic considerations for organizations small and large
267 irekik Member MedStar Health Women in Information Security: panel discussion
266 irekik Member MedStar Health Building a Health Technology Security Management plan at a health system
265 katieKatie others EclecticIQ Beyond IOCs: Use Cases for Threat Intelligence
264 rhhirani Sponsor Anomaly Detection - A Scoping Exercise
263 mbpark Member Indiana University Health Innovating to Complete our Vision of Improving Security
262 bferraro Sponsor Prevalent & Pfizer Together Solving Third-Party Risk (Use Case)
261 rodsoto others JASK Addressing shadow IT risks by applying ML dynamic asset discovery
259 cws Sponsor Why Insider Threats Are Rampant In Healthcare & How Network Traffic Analysis Assures Digital Hygiene
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