July 4, 2017 – Post Petya

TLP White

Happy 4th of July everyone. Hopefully everyone could get away from their computers and out to see the fireworks. They were spectacular here in Nashville.

The Petya aftermath seems to have consumed everyone’s already thin holiday week bandwidth. Congress is out of town and the Administration is consumed with a Presidential trip to Europe. We’ve got a round-up of the news (and speculation) on Petya, as well as a collection of other top stories from the week. But first, a couple of policy thoughts.

Policy Analysis

The world’s leaders – including Presidents Trump and Putin – are sitting down this week in Germany. Let’s hope they talk about partnering on the “cyber.” The Petya (and WannaCry) attacks may provide a key opportunity for otherwise adversarial nations to work together to improve security.


Prepared cyber-specific crisis communications and information sharing plans is a positive development for industry. This increasingly well-established “best practice” within companies may provide a lesson for government agencies as well as ISACs as they look to provide clear and timely communications to their communities.

Next week we will look at how H-ISAC, the NCCIC, and the newly formed HCCIC might all work together on these and other issues.

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