“Unbirden” Your Inbox – Perch Security

  • Perch Security
    February 15, 2018
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



“Unbirden” Your Inbox
An Informational Webinar from NH-ISAC Members & Perch Security
 This webinar has been opened up to non-members:
Thursday Feb 15th, an NH-ISAC member  will present how Perch has changed their security alerting process and sharing.
Learn how healthcare institutions of all sizes are identifying, detecting and responding to threat intelligence – and saving thousands.  Free yourself from threat alert emails that are out-of-date by the time you can get to them.
Cost and complexities to build and utilize a threat intel program are far too high for smaller and mid-sized healthcare companies.  That’s made effective cyber threat intel an exclusive club for only the largest enterprises.
But Perch believes that all organizations should be able to defend themselves based upon the threats that others are warning them about. So we provide:
1. A sensor that uses custom, curated threat intel from NH-ISAC to detect network attacks and anomalies
2. Perch analysts who triage alerts for you around the clock to give you the critical assessment needed to respond to any attack
3. Access to see and trend alerts, and triage them yourself as much (or as little) as you wish
Perch and NH-ISAC
NH-ISAC and Perch share the philosophy that threat intelligence is most valuable when it’s collected, curated and shared within your sector.  We created this partnership to offer you NH-ISAC intel that members can use right away, rapidly implemented, and that requires no special training or additional analyst resources within your business.