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The Problem

Many healthcare organizations struggle to keep up with the vast amounts of digital data being created and shared to identify and mitigate risks outside the firewall. This exponential growth of digital surface area and content make your organization more vulnerable to a new class of threats and heighten existing risk.

The Solution

Applying DigitalStakeout will enhance your organization’s abilities to protect confidential data, reputation, brand, locations, executives and employees. DigitalStakeout provides analysts in security operations, corporate security, brand protection and executive protection teams focused coverage on digital channels to detect threats in real-time and support to investigate and take down threats.

Delivered as a service via web-based software, H-ISAC members will be able to:
  • Collect, enrich, and analyze vast volumes of digital data sourced from social, surface, deep, and dark web, and proprietary sources.
  • Leverage machine learning automation and advanced search capabilities to visualize trends and anticipate threats.
  • Reduce alert fatigue and facilitate more effective operational, physical, and cyber risk management with smart discovery and alerts.

A Free Subscription for H-ISAC members

As a result of this partnership, H-ISAC members will receive a free starter subscription package of DigitalStakeout. Members will receive the following:
  • A free no-obligation starter subscription for a period of one-year.
  • Starter subscriptions are entitled to configure 10-monitors.
  • Starter subscriptions are entitled to enable three (3) named end-users.
  • Starter subscriptions are entitled to 30 days retention.
  • Starter subscriptions are entitled to collect up to 10K posts per month.

In addition to free starter package, NH-ISCAC members are entitled to receive a 10% discount for all DigitalStakeout upgrades.

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DigitalStakeout and H-ISAC have partnered to enable the healthcare industry to increase situational awareness, real-time defenses and their capability to perform analysis of digital threats.

About DigitalStakeout (

Founded in 2008, DigitalStakeout is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that performs analysis of digital data to detect unknown threats and vulnerabilities. We are a team of experienced professionals in big data, data science, cyber security, and risk management. DigitalStakeout has pioneered technology and methodologies that have defined how to manage & mitigate digital risk by analyzing publicly available social, deep, and dark web data. Hundreds of organizations trust DigitalStakeout as a high value, low risk choice to support digital risk mitigation strategies and digital risk needs. We pride ourselves delivering on the promise to help protect our customers, people, places, and assets. We are headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.



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