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Security Services to Reduce Cyber Threat Risk for the Health Care Community


CYBERFIT® is a group of added security services offered by NH-ISAC focused on reducing cyber security risks within the health care community.

CYBERFIT® provides organizations with affordable access to shared data and enhanced security services through a streamlined procurement and referral process making it easy to locate trusted vendors and to obtain lower member rates due to our volume pricing.

CYBERFIT® helps organizations gauge their risk tolerance among peers and map a path toward managing and monitoring their internal and third party vendor risk.

          CYBERFIT® update at the Fall Summit 2017 NH-ISAC Member Meeting



Shared Services to Advance our Cyber Health

CYBERFIT is a member-directed, not-for-profit utility created as part of NH-ISAC to help fulfil our overarching mission to advance all-hazards (physical and cyber) security critical infrastructure resilience. CYBERFIT will play its part by enabling members to benefit from best in class cybersecurity capabilities and shared cyber intelligence.

  • Legal & Regulatory Surveillance
  • Benchmarking Services
  • Shared Risk Assessments
  • Shared Security Operations Center

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Membership Benefits

NH-ISAC Members Enjoy Many Benefits and Advantages

Joining NH-ISAC is one of the best ways healthcare and public health organizations can protect their organizations and customers against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities while taking an active role contributing to safeguarding our nation’s critical infrastructure. Benefits Include:

  • Cyberthreat Intel Sharing
  • Daily Threat Alerts
  • Automated Intel Sharing
  • Webinars & Education
  • Regional Workshops
  • Bi-Annual Summits

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