The Cyber State of the Union

TLP White

It is State of the Union time on this week’s Hacking Healthcare:


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1. State of the Union – On Tuesday night, President Trump will give his first State of the Union. What are the odds that cybersecurity will get a mention? I would bet against cybersecurity getting anything more than a passing reference. Cyber-stuff barely got mentioned in Obama’s final SOTUs, and there wasn’t a looming investigation into foreign interference related to cybery-


 I get the sense that POTUS wants to keep his speech short so that it is more popularly engaging than most of Obama’s wonk-fests. With a need to count wins on the economy and present an election-year vision for government funding, immigration, jobs, and foreign policy, there just isn’t much room for new cyber policy.

 That being said, we still have not seen much in the way of deliverables from last year’s cyber Executive Order. Maybe they are being held for the speech? Still seems unlikely, but maybe there will be something cybery in a follow-up announcement over the next week or so.

We will just have to tune-in and find out: 9PM EST on all the networks.

2. National 5G? – In the vein of State of the Union type announcements, there was a leaked document from the White House this past weekend, which excitedly proposes an “information age” equivalent to the interstate highway system where the government intervenes in the telecommunications market and develops a state-owned 5G network.[1]

3. Heck of a job Intel ­– A new report by the Wall Street Journal introduces a broader national security concern to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. The headline[2] says it all: “Intel Warned Chinese Companies of Chip Flaws Before U.S. Government.”



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