Aug 2, 2017 – HCCIC and H-ISAC

TLP White

Policy Analysis on Info Sharing

Welcome back to our final installment of the deep dive on the newly formed Health Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (HCCIC). You can follow these links to read part 1 and part 2.

This week, we’ll look at how the HCCIC plans on complementing the work of the H-ISAC. To get a better sense of how this relationship might work, I spoke with Leo Scanlon, HHS Senior Adviser for Healthcare and Public Health, and Denise Anderson, President of the H-ISAC.

As we discussed a few weeks ago, the HCCIC and the H-ISAC have complementary (and potentially overlapping) missions. Both organizations have stated support for the work of the other and are committed to enhancing the work of the other, using the unique skill sets, authorities, and resources that each possess. Let’s look at how the two centers might work with each other as well as other organizations to share information and improve the security of the sector.

To start with, the HCCIC and H-ISAC already share a technical connection to share indicators – the Automated Indicator Sharing program at DHS. The existence of a technical connection between the centers is a great start, but what information will they be sharing? From the H-ISAC perspective, the hope is that the HCCIC can provide a single point of contact for HHS components, and other government agencies when necessary. This would be a direct corollary to the role H-ISAC plays for the sector.

As companies and government agencies grapple with responding to an incident like WannaCry, H-ISAC and HCCIC can serve to aggregate exchanges of information and questions of response. Specific incident response roles and responsibilities will need to be defined and tested between the centers, which is part of the focus of the grant that H-ISAC was awarded by ASPR earlier this year. A future edition of this newsletter will look at the output of the grant in depth.

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