NH-ISAC and Perch Security Aim to Revolutionize Information Sharing

NH-ISAC and Perch Security Aim to Revolutionize Information Sharing


Kennedy Space Center, FL, June 5, 2017 – The National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, (NH-ISAC), a member-owned non-profit that is the health and public health (HPH) sector’s trusted community for sharing cyber and physical security information, has entered into a partnership with Perch Security to bolster its members’ abilities to fully automate the way community threat intelligence data is used and shared. Perch’s unique community-centered approach to cyber threat intel is now available to NH-ISAC members, enabling threat detection and sharing participation without dedicated analysts or additional security tools, such as a Security Incident and Event Management System (SIEM).

Perch provides a fast and easy way for healthcare organizations to detect anomalies within their environments and report them back to the ISAC so that the entire NH-ISAC community benefits from the intelligence and resulting analysis. Members can begin using Perch immediately after a simple enrollment process.

“We are very excited to bring the Perch capability to NH-ISAC as we believe it will revolutionize information sharing and offer healthcare organizations an extremely affordable and simple way to detect and mitigate against threats,” said Denise Anderson, president, NH-ISAC. “Leveraging NH-ISAC’s repository of curated indicators, which will be enriched as organizations adopt Perch, will demonstrate the value of NH-ISAC and its partner communities.”

“The industry is shifting toward a model where cyber threat intel analyzed by communities of common industry and interest are the best source of threat intel,” said Perch CEO and Founder Aharon Chernin. “Perch set out to make using and contributing to that intel for real-time threat detection affordable and attainable for everyone.”

To get started with Perch or to find out more about how Perch can help protect the HPH sector email contact@nhisac.org.

ABOUT NH-ISAC:  NH-ISAC is a global, non-profit, member-driven organization offering health care stakeholders a trusted community and forum for sharing cyber and physical threat indicators, vulnerabilities best practices and mitigation strategies. NH-ISAC’s mission is to enable and preserve the public trust by advancing the global health sector’s cyber and physical security protection and resilience as well as enabling the ability to prepare for and respond to cyber and physical threats and vulnerabilities. Joining NH-ISAC is one of the best actions health and public health services firms can take to ensure they partake in protecting the industry and its vital role in such a critical infrastructure. NH-ISAC is recognized nationally within the US as the ISAC for the nation’s Health Care and Public Health critical infrastructure sector, by the US Department of Health and Human Services, the US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the National Council of ISACs. Learn more at https://nhisac.org/

ABOUT PERCH SECURITY:  Perch Security is the first Community Defense Platform. Perch makes threat intelligence accessible and affordable for the “everyone else” – organizations who don’t have dedicated threat analyst teams. Now small and mid-size businesses can mount a cyber defense with curated community intelligence and participate with the sharing community; all without a SIEM, a TIP, or increasing staff. Perch is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.
Learn more at http://www.PerchSecurity.com