8-31-17 Harvey Update (1700Z)

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Please note that this is still an ongoing flooding event for many areas as this system moves eastward across Eastern Texas into Louisiana. Rescue / response teams are fully engaged in response activities. As flood waters recede, concern for displaced personnel continues to be a priority. Release of stored water at dam impounds has increased flooding to many.

Operational Priorities remain the same – summarized as:
  • Protection of life and property.
  • Support of rapid & effective response
  • Collection and dissemination of accurate incident information to improve decision-making.
  • Accurate recording of incident costs associated with assigned resources for cost recovery.


Quick Look:
  • Flooding rains continue across far eastern Texas and western Louisiana with heavy rainfall spreading northeastward through the lower Mississippi valley today and into the Tennessee and Ohio valleys and central Appalachians over the next day or two…
  • The center of tropical depression Harvey continues to move north-northeast and the center of the storm will cross from Louisiana into Mississippi around noon.
  • This forecast track takes Harvey into northern Mississippi by Thursday evening, middle Tennessee by Friday, and into the Ohio valley states on Saturday as a post-tropical low.
  • No significant rainfall is expected to affect the areas impacted by Harvey over the next
    three days.
  • There will be increased chances for rain along the Texas coast and into southeast Texas. There is the potential for another tropical system to develop in the Gulf of Mexico early
    next week.


  • HOU and IAH airports have been reopened
  • Extensive Major Flooding and loss of power.
  • Looting remans a concern for both residents and first responders.
  • Transportation- Access/Re-Entry information – For those with vehicles carrying “life-saving or life-sustaining commodities,” you can coordinate access through the Region 6 private sector desk. This is NOT if you need to find transportation vehicles.
  • What life-safety commodities are you transporting? (Only-
    life-saving/life-sustaining commodities will be allowed)
  • How many trucks, and how are trucks marked?
  • What is end destination and known route?
  • What IDs do drivers have?
  • ETA for destination?
  • Law enforcement must have all information being requested in order to work your access!!!
  • The cascading Hazard of cyber threat “bad actors” has not yet been active. Everyone should be aware of scams however such as, Phishing, Vishing activity as well as opportunistic attacks.
  • Verify your intended charitable contribution


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