8-29-17 Tropical Storm Harvey (1700Z)

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Please note that this is still an ongoing event for many areas as rescue/ response teams are in early response “posture.” Initial damage assessments are being performed. However, all activities are priorities per the following guidelines:

Operational Priorities are summarized as:
  • Protection of life and property.
  • Support of rapid & effective response
  • Collection and dissemination of accurate incident information to improve decision-making.
  • Accurate recording of incident costs associated with assigned resources for cost recovery.


Quick Look:
  • Tropical Storm Harvey continues to produce devastating flooding as it slowly moves back towards the Texas coast.
  • Heavy rains continue to spread over the Houston area and other locations in southeastern Texas and southern Louisiana, exacerbating what is already a catastrophic flood event.

Rainfall totals of nearly 50 inches have been observed at several locations in the Greater Houston area and southeastern Texas.

  • Storm totals could reach higher amounts in some locations, which would be historic for the area. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott activated his state’s entire National Guard, deploying 12,000 servicemen to respond to the hurricane.
  • The Harris County Sheriff’s Office used motorboats, airboats, and other vehicles to rescue more than 2,000 people in the greater Houston area on Sunday, a spokesman said.
  • The National Weather Service has issued flood watches and warnings from near San Antonio to New Orleans, an area home to more than 13 million people.


  • Rescue operations continues with use of public and private sector volunteer activities.
  • Release of Water behind dams has increased flooding and the extent of duration.
  • Concerns for biological / environmental hazards such as sewage / chemical infiltration are rising. Toxicity and hazards to humans of concern
  • Substantial road closure in the impacted areas exist affecting rescue and response activities.
  • Both IAH and HOU airports remain closed. Possible reopen between the 30th /31st


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