8-28-17 Tropical Storm Harvey (1200Z)

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Please note that this is still an ongoing event and in “Ride-out and early response “posture. Unmet needs mitigation/response and recovery operations are not yet occurring unless activity is capable of being performed per priorities.

Operational Priorities are summarized as:
  • Protection of life and property.
  • Support of rapid & effective response
  • Collection and dissemination of accurate incident information to improve decision-making.
  • Accurate recoding of incident costs associated with assigned resources for cost recovery.
Quick Look:
  • Tropical Storm Harvey continues to produce devastating flooding as it slowly moves back towards the Texas coast.
  • Sustained winds of 40 mph with higher gusts. The center of the storm is located about 15 miles northnortheast of Port O’Connor and is slowly moving southeast at three mph
  • The primary threat with this storm over the next few days will remain the devastating, life threatening flooding
  • Tornadoes are likely within the storm’s rain bands over the next couple days near the upper Texas coast.
  • Mandatory / voluntary evacuations underway across impacted arrears
  • Army Corps of Engineering’s relieving dam pressure through controlled release. Impacts to lower regions anticipated as result.
  • Concerns for biological / environmental hazards such as sewage / chemical infiltration are rising.
  • Fuel availability along evacuation routes of concern but not critical.


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